Information and Cyber Security

Along with the opportunities of the digital age have come the opportunists. We’ll help your business enjoys the former while warding off the latter.

With the digital transformation of businesses almost everything has gone online. From large scale financial transactions, transfer of documents, approvals, clearances to daily shopping, bill payments, entertainment…the list is endless. Equally true is the list of threats to data and finance. What was once secured by physical safety measures is vulnerable and the danger is constantly evolving. At KICT we help you identify the threats and secure your business against them on an ongoing basis.

Network Security

The more connected our systems are the more vulnerable they are to attack. The most common threats are viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware and ransomware. These can destroy or steal data, spy upon sensitive corporate information, access email and send out erroneous messages, etc. In essence they are designed to damage your business and they evolve rapidly. Good network security is absolutely essential to protect your business.

We provide you with multi-layered protection. This includes but is not confined to Firewalls, email Security, Data Loss Prevention plans, Intrusion Prevention Systems, Network Segmentation, Access Controls, etc. We also offer deeper security at the server level where it is accessible by external sources.

The prevention of unauthorized access or malicious attacks lets you focus on your business. IT systems are also a major investment and network protection helps safeguard these vital assets.

Cloud Security

With the increased volume of data that needs safe storage as well as remote working which requires access from random points, cloud computing has become an important part of many businesses. However, here as well a high level of security is required to protect data. Similar to network protection, cloud security differs by creating boundaries outside your own work network to prevent unauthorized access or corruption of your precious data.

By offering cloud solutions that incorporate multi-factor authentication or PAM (Privileged Access Management) with varying levels of access for different users and devices, we ensure that the data is safe and only accessible by authorized personnel. Firewalls are also put up to effectively create a barrier around the cloud and the data it holds.

Unauthorized access and data breaches are prevented so your data remains protected but safely stored remotely, which prevents you from investing in ever larger servers as the the volume of your data increases.

OT Security

While data protection takes care of the actual information stored in your systems, OT Security ensures the integrity of the hardware and software that the data runs through and on. Critical infrastructure systems such as power stations and large factory floor equipment for example, need very high levels of OT Security to ensure trouble-free, uninterrupted service.

We install and manage hardware and software that works with one singular objective – to monitor, detect and control any untoward changes in the running of your systems. This includes the implementation of a Zero Trust framework to prevent unauthorized access.

The physical processes as well as the assets of your organization are protected. Stability of systems is ensured to prevent any unexpected downtime that would interfere with your operations and damage the image of your business as well as its profit margins.

Security Risk Assessment

The first step to security is understanding what is under threat. The second is understanding where that threat is coming from. Essentially that’s what Security Risk Assessment is - a study of the hardware, software and data and identification of what needs protection and how that protection needs to be worked.

Our team works closely with you and your IT department to understand the nature of your business and where it is most vulnerable. The assessment can be confined to one particular unit of the business if required. An essential part of the assessment is quantitative – the potential cost ramifications of a breach and loss of data, hardware, etc. Once the risk assessment is completed we make our recommendations and KICT can even handle the entire setting up of security systems to protect your information and data.

Prewarned is prearmed. With a risk security assessment you understand the actual cost of system downtime or failure and data loss. This helps you decide on what course of action to take to protect valuable data and assets.

Security Services

Security Service in the Cyber and Information context are the sentinels that stand guard on the doorways to your technology systems and data. Access controls and authentication prevent unauthorized access and security breaches and the service integrates with other security systems to create an overarching umbrella of protection.

To protect your data at all access points we study your network and infrastructure and recommend the measures that need to be taken to achieve total coverage. Authentication is provided at different levels for individual users and access is therefore well controlled.

With our advanced expertise protecting your business you can confidently focus on your own priorities.

Security Governance

A good security plan begins with good governance and good governance begins with the right personnel being assigned the responsibilities that will help mitigate risks. Once a governance team is in place, they ensure that security strategies are aligned with business objectives and comply with regulations.

We help you build your governance team and oversee their training. Where required we appoint or have our own team members on site with you and the policies and procedures for your governance plan to be customized to suit the scale and nature of your business.

The IT area of your business operations are protected and risk is mitigated. Your staff usage of technology assets and access to data is overseen so any breach is protected against. Compliance requirements are met and you are able to focus on other areas of your business.