IT Cloud and Infrastructure

The success of almost any endeavor is largely dependent upon the foundation it is built upon. We’ll ensure that yours is on solid footing.

With computing at the core of so much that we do these days, it’s vital that we have a solid and reliable base to work upon. We can help you invest in the perfect combination of hardware and applications to create this base and also create a workspace that is remotely accessible, safe and cost-efficient.

Network Infrastructure

Comprised of hardware such as routers, switches and cables; and software systems such as firewalls and security systems the network infrastructure is essential to keep your business connected and running smoothly.

Besides setting up the network that helps your business interact between internal and external sources, we ensure that it is secure by conducting vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. This exposes and helps us deal with any weaknesses in the network infrastructure.

High speed connectivity and real time interactions help your business stay connected with clients, vendors and any other external source that is a part of your operations.

Cloud Infrastructure

The combination of hardware, storage, computing power, network resources and interfaces required to build a cloud computing resource is cloud infrastructure. The ability to access your work securely from remote locations, collaborate with external sources and know that all of this is safe and protected is what that infrastructure gives you.

The first stage is understanding whether you need to build your own cloud computing network or whether it would suit your organisation better to lease from an established provider. We also offer PaaS and SaaS options based on our assessment of your operation.

Cloud computing is far more cost efficient as opposed to an investment in a physical infrastructure. It also offers greater flexibility to adapt to your changing needs as your business grows. In addition to this there is the security of having your data protected and backed up at a reliable source in the event of any natural disaster or accident.

Computing Infrastructure

The foundation upon which all your IT infrastructure is built, this includes hardware, software, servers and even the cooling systems and backup power to keep it all functioning seamlessly and uninterrupted.

Our team will identify your needs and advise you on what sort of outlay your infrastructure will require. We will also assist you in management and support of systems and help you decide whether a centralized, decentralized or cloud-based option is best for your organization.

When the infrastructure is right the risk of downtime is minimized. Besides this, the right tools enhance employee productivity. Both factors help you increase your profit margins.