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Information Technology is a specialized area of operations with constant changes and updates. Managing these changes as well as the day-to-day operations of IT related work is often best left in the hands of professionals and many organizations find that it’s better to outsource this work with a regular contract. KICT offers you a cost-effective way to manage your organization’s IT.

IT Engineers Service

To provide maintenance and assistance on an ongoing basis it’s often essential to have a technician or engineer available onsite.

Highly qualified and specialized resources will be deployed at the customer’s offices or facility on an annual contract basis. These personnel will also have ready access to KICT senior staff if required.
Highly cost effective as the customerdoes not have to identify and employ an IT resource and IT related downtime is minimized for the organization.

IT Infrastructure Management

Maintenance and support of an organization’s IT Infrastructure covers Cyber Security, Network and Systems Domain products.

We offer Annual Maintenance Contracts with a dedicated Account Engineer to handle the organization’s needs.
The organization is able to focus on its core business and has no requirement to hire a domain expert.

IT Migration Services

A regular task with IT and Cyber Security is migration to the current or latest possible software version. Often this is essential to be compatible with the market in any interactions as well as staying up to date with latest developments in the software.

Our team of Certified Technology Experts handles the project deployment under the supervision of our experienced Project Managers. This ensures a transition without existing data being compromised.
The latest software is installed and/or upgraded without downtime or data loss and with minimal stress for the client.

Proactive Monitoring
& Reporting

When a problem is only detected after it has occurred there is a high risk of systems being compromised and valuable data being lost. With Proactive Monitoring & Reporting the old adage of ‘prevention is better than cure’ comes into effect.

By deploying IT Infrastructure Monitoring solutions we are able to detect threats and raise alerts before it is too late.
Proactive Monitoring will give enough time for the customer to work on RFP / Tenders.

Remote IT Support

Often it may be geographically difficult or a matter of protocol in sensitive installations of facilities for technical support to visit. Remote IT support steps in to take care in such situations.

KICT offers technical support through online meetings which are kept secure through the use of VPNs.
IT related downtime is minimized with expert assistance and guidance being readily available.