Staying connected and working without interruption is critical to the success of your business. We have the solutions to help you do that.

Collaborative effort is critical to the success of almost every business, with every department working in tandem and exchanging ideas with the other to achieve a common goal. This of course requires seamless communication. At KICT we can help you set that up as well as offer much more for the success of your business.

Active Networking

Applications and the network infrastructure of switches, solutions and routers that transport them are crucial tools for enhancing user productivity and increasing an organization’s ability to grow and remain competitive. KICT provides services to small as well as large organizations, educational institutions and government companies to optimize network switching solutions.

KICT provides end to end solutions for small to medium sized companies that do not have full-time IT staff. We also contract our services to larger companies that require assistance on their day-to-day issues or special projects.

Our expertise covers Switching, Routing, Wireless networks and collaboration and configuration.

High-speed, secure and reliable IP connections support your business innovation, improve employee productivity and provide an engaging customer experience.

Our solutions are tailor made and fully scalable. By being able to efficiently manage your resource allocation you will be able to plan and position yourself better for growth.

Data Centers

With more and more of our work being done on computers the data center in an organization is the core where valuable data is stored, processed and application processes occur. This could be a separate building or a dedicated space within your facility. In essence, this is the central vault within your business and vital to your operations.

KICT offers Schneider Electric data center solutions and services to build new data centers or upgrade and retrofit existing solutions. We also offer EcoStruxure data center solutions for power, cooling, racks, and management systems to support deployment of IT equipment in all environments from small Edge applications to large Cloud data centers.
We offer:
Micro Data Center: full critical infrastructure solutions in a single enclosure that provide the reliability, resiliency, and security of a traditional data center for a variety of Edge environments.

Data centers enable organizations to concentrate IT and data processing personnel; computing and network connectivity infrastructure; and computing facility security.


When addressing a larger workforce or audience public address or other audio and visual equipment is often required.

Whether your requirement is to reach out to a large audience at an open venue or more controlled groups separated into zones in a facility or even a smaller group within a conference room we have a solution to meet your needs.
The systems we offer include microphones, mixers, amplifiers, loudspeakers and other related equipment. For smaller halls and conference rooms we offer audio visual equipment that includes projectors, displays and screens, webcams and sound systems, smart boards, etc.

Communication is enhanced as professional equipment from KICT ensures that performances, presentations or announcements are not lost.

Passive and Active Networking

As our reliance on digital technology grows it has become increasingly important to ensure that your network infrastructure is dependable, versatile and future-proof. At KICT, we provide you with an extensive range of network infrastructures that can be customized to suit your needs.

KICT will help you by planning, designing, supplying, installing, providing documentation and maintenance for your network infrastructure. By staying abreast of latest developments in the field we ensure that we offer you the very latest technologies.
Once a design has been approved, we handle the entire set up on a turnkey basis including civil work and cabling and ensure that you have maintenance support throughout the contract period.

Your business gains optimized bandwidth connectivity for the smooth functioning of the IT infrastructure. Customized and complex computer applications as well as CCTV operations and voice communications are incorporated into the design infrastructure for a seamless system.

Physical Security

Preventing unauthorized access and monitoring premises and entry points helps to protect your business. These systems range from CCTV Surveillance solutions to Access Control solutions.

KICT offers you a wide range of solutions. In CCTV remote monitoring and smart video management are available and can be customized to cover as many locations as required. In Access Control the system could be as simple as a PIN code entry lock, a card swipe entry or a biometric solution that uses fingerprint or facial recognition.
Besides office environments we also offer solutions for more rugged environments such as oil rig sites where the cameras are designed to withstand environmental conditions.

The security and integrity of your office or site are enhanced with advanced technology that are easy to control and manage while being reliable and cost-effective.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Maintaining a steady flow of power to protect critical applications is essential for any business that has a lot of its work on computers. Providing emergency power when standard power sources fail an uninterruptable power supply protects data and work by transitioning to back-up without any power outage.

We provide a wide range of APC/Schneider Electric UPS solutions to our clients (both, single phase and three phase) based on specific requirements and functions. These can provide a competitive edge to businesses in need of first-rate power solutions.
KICT’s team of engineers ensure that the client’s equipment is protected from utility power blackouts, brownouts, sags, and surges, small utility power fluctuations and large disturbances.

Data loss and corruption is prevented and this helps avoid costly downtime and maintain workflow.