Digital Transformation

To transform is to evolve. To evolve is to be better, faster, sleeker and more profitable. We’ll help your business evolve.

Never before in the history of business has there been a change that is so radical in terms of the way things are done and yet so widely accepted. Today adopting digital technologies and practices is no longer an option; in fact in several instances it’s impossible to do business without making the transformation. With the right guidance the change is a lot easier to make. Let us show you how.

Analytics Solution

Data is the New Gold. And analysis of that data is what maximizes its value. By collating data gathered from transactions or interactions, Analytics Solution predicts performance. This is done by taking into account past trends as well as sentiment, social factors, etc.

We recommend organizations that have implemented Core ERP applications invest in Analytics Solutions to help them make informed decisions. With new advances in AI & ML the system is increasingly accurate and beneficial for a forward-thinking organization.

Analytics Solutions help organizations make swift decisions based on the data and trends associated with them. Analytics Solutions also help organization costs by extending the reporting capabilities of the ERP to the users who do not have access to the ERP.

Enterprise DMS & Business
Process Management

The Document Management System (DMS) is an electronic repository which receives, tracks, manages and securely stores enterprise documents. Business Process Management (BMS) is the tool that maps the organization's processes electronically and moves documents for required approvals interfacing with the Enterprise Core system (ERP, Core Business Application)

The KICT Team has immense experience rolling out successful DMS & BPM projects to various organizations. We recommend that the DMS solution is implemented first to create the base repository. The BPM solution is introduced post an in-depth study of the organization’s processes and an understanding of the complexity involved in each process.

An Electronic Document reduces the risk of damaging the original physical document. It also allows a team to collaborate by commenting on, highlighting, and editing the electronic document.

 With BPM, the system helps in identifying bottlenecks in the organization’s processes, helping the stakeholders to redefine the operation for a more streamlined workflow.

Enterprise Resource

The optimum utilization of enterprise resources such as finances, raw materials, equipment, human resources and inventory of finished goods is a fundamental requirement for any organization's success. Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP) helps plan and deploy available resources.

We help our customers evaluate and implement the best suitable ERP systems based on their business vertical and budget.

The ERP system acts as a decision support system and helps executives make informed decisions that will benefit the organization. The system also provides a 360-degree view to the stakeholders on the various operational fronts.

UI Development Platform Implementation

The User Interface plays a pivotal role in managing the customer experience and therefore their perception of a system. Various microservices can be provided using these platforms by connecting to the core business application.

Citizen Services, Vendor Relations, and Customer relations are key areas where KICT has expertise in providing UI / UX Development Platforms through a well-developed partner echo system.

In Citizen Services, Government agencies build a platform to receive a service request and transparently show the process. Similarly, a Vendor Relation can be managed by the vendor portal and a Customer Relation with a customer portal.